Botanical Interests - seeds that combine art, science, & gardening!

“If you think all packets of herb seeds are created equal, chances are you haven't seen those created by Botanical Interests.”

- The Herb Companion (June/July 2000)

Treat yourself -
   and save!

Every packet is loaded with the highest quality seeds, and the inside of the packet contains extensive instructions and information about the plants you'll be growing.

Botanical Interests seeds help you save money: many varieties come in large packets for mass plantings and large areas.

We pitch in too:

Buy 3 packets, save 10%
Buy 5 packets, save 15%
Buy 10 packets, save 25%

And until it's time to plant - & even after - every packet is a work of art on your windowsill.

Bring a little sunshine into your kitchen now, and then, all season long, enjoy the results from the best in seeds.


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